Power Pup Heroes

Power Pup Heroes

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This is a battle that has gone on for generations and centuries. From the funny rivalry between Tom the Cat and Spike the Bulldog in Tom & Jerry to your everyday street dogs and cute cats, there is definitely no love lost between pups and kittens. Even the OMG Kittens slot is hated by our canine friends. But how does this rivalry stand in near future? Maybe casino bonus no deposit will help you.

Well, look nowhere else for answers, because Power Pups Heroes, a brilliant, story-based slot from UC8 is finally here to answer your questions and give you a sneak peek into what the future might hold for these two species.

Simple gameplay and amazingly funny storyline mean that there is every reason for you to sit back, spin some reels and enjoy. Oh, and not to mention, you are going to collect some serious bounty along the way!

10 Free spins in Power Pup Heroes

Rounding up the story

This has happened before. Scientific experiments have gone wrong and created monsters many times in our history. From Frankenstein to Electro, the list is never-ending. But this time, we might just have crossed the ultimate line of decency.

It is the year 2030, and in our bid to create a world-beating super-soldier, humans have given rise to a power, the likes of which have never been seen before – a Catgorilla! This Catgorilla is not your everyday super-beast. It is an all-too-mighty ultra-warrior that has taken the fight to dogs and kidnapped the pup queen. Now that the fate has struck, dogs have nowhere to turn to, but you.

Can you help these innocent pups get their beloved queen back? Well, if you can, remunerations of highest order are in store for you. How, you ask? With 10 free spins! Read on to know first-hand…